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Today, more than 350.000 CityBlitz E-Mobility products are cruising through cities all around the world, making peoples daily lives easier and a lot more exciting!

Enjoy the ride with CityBlitz.


" Die Auswahl von Cityblitz ist echt gut und der Service ist einfach klasse. "
" Bin sehr happy mit den Produkten hier. Empfehle es all' meinen Freunden! "
Covid 19 has caused many cities to consider how mobile city trafficshould be handled in the future. It has always been a fact that cars take up too much space in the city and, as a rule, 95% only stand and are not used. For us, electromobility, regardless of whether it is an e-scooter, e-bike or e-moped, is not a trend but the future of modern mobility. Our team is working hard, to create a more environmentally friendly and much more pleasant way of moving around the cities and try with our CityBlitzproducts to replace old fashioned and senseless means of transportation.