Our Story

The scooter brand CityBlitz® was created in the year 2000 and developed the first E-Scooter in 2016. Best price and quality, affordable for all condumers, through the biggest retail partners in different countries, that’s what CityBlitz, since the beginning, stands for.

With a price range of 199€ – 1199€, everybody can find the right E-Mobility product within the CityBlitz family.

The latest E-Mobility trends, “Designed in Germany” and the competitive prices are the brand characteristic features.

Today 350.000 CityBlitz E-Mobility products are cruising through cities all around the world, making peoples daily lives easier and a lot more exciting!

Enjoy the ride with CityBlitz.

An European wide Service, done by an exprt team, guarantees the consumer a quick handling of any problems.

The long term cooperation with TUV Rheinland guarantees a safe and durable CityBlitz product.